Who am I? Reflecting on my museopathy


Hi, I am Carina and I suffer from museopathy. I am a museum and galleries professional and I love what I do. I have worked and volunteered for different museums around the world, from pre-Columbian art to food and drink. In addition I have an M.A. in Museums and Galleries in Education from the Institute of Education - UCL in London. Since I graduated I have visited more museums and galleries that I can count and have found many innovative projects that have served as inspiration for my work.


I truly believe museums/galleries are special places to learn, reflect and enjoy. I dream of the day when the "museums are boring" stereotype is thrown out of the window. For this I plan to create projects that engage visitors and make museums/galleries: fun, educational, comfortable spaces, interesting and cool. I hope I can get your support to do it. 

Best wishes, 


The Museumgoer

Museums are NOT boring.
Try again! @MAMCO

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